the Practice


Our work covers a broad range of planning and design services, including: new parks; existing park renovations; new community planning; master planning; highways, trails and street enhancement; and, small-scale “roster” tasks such as ADA renovations, playground upgrades and community gardens. Our Studio is very effective preparing for and leading community presentations and public workshops, encouraging stakeholder participation and obtaining valuable public input.

Our office building and associated property are used as “laboratories”, allowing us to experiment with a variety of products and applications. From the latest and most efficient light fixtures and toilets, cutting edge mechanical and electrical systems, glazing and insulation, roof and wall-mounted solar panels, food and waste recycling, and, design/construction of “living” walls and fences.

In a similar fashion, we look at our design work as an opportunity to implement sound and sensitive design practices. Not just for the sake of creating a “sustainable” project, but because it’s the right and proper thing to do.